Gillz Men's LS UV TS Blue Wing Teal

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Made with our proprietar, chemical-freey GillzTec® fabric, which actually feels cool to the touch. By quickly dispersing moisture evenly throughout the garment, it dries quickly and rapidly releases moisture into the air to provide unheard of cooling. In addition, the airflow from our cross-breeze ventilation system will keep you even cooler for longer. Featuring UPF 50 sun protection and built to take a lickin', this shirt is as tough as you are.

Clean all the fish you want with our fishing shirts. The GillzTec® microfiber interlock fabric is not only snag but also stain-resistant.

- GillzTec® Fabric
- UPF 50+ UV Protection
- Lightweight and Breathable
- Moisture Wicking
- Stain Resistant
- Tag-less
- Chemical-free Cooling

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