Strike King SG-S1175 Bristol Shiny Blk Cloud Lns

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Strike King's S11 Optics' scientifically engineered, high-contrast lenses tailor the light spectrum to actively enhance visual clarity for all fishing conditions and outdoor activities. Whether it's a clear or overcast day, muddy or clear water, these revolutionary sunglasses will dramatically improve the angler's ability to see into the water to locate underwater structure and fish. The 100% polarized lenses block 100% of harmful ultraviolet light, reduce eye strain, and remove glare from the water for safer boating. The super-hydrophobic coating repels oil, dust, and water which prevents water spots, making the lenses easier to clean. The anti-reflective coating prevents light from bouncing off the rear of the leans to the eye, resulting in a clearer, non-distorted image. Model#: SG-S1175.

High-contrast lenses enhance visual clarity
Lenses block 100% of harmful ultraviolet light
Reduces eye strain, removes glare from the water
Repels oil, dust, and water to prevent water spots
Anti-reflective coating for a clearer image


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