XOP Ambush Sit N Climb Stand

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XOP Ambush
Finished in XOP green, equipped with pivoting seat bar for effortless climbing, the Ambush climber offers a seamless and stable climb, free of obstruction. Packing down to a slim 4” profile in a matter of seconds allowing for incredibly easy transport, all of this combined with the superior comfort of our sling compression foam seat and backrest, you truly get the best of both worlds: a lightweight, compact climber you can pack in for miles and the comfort to sit there all day until the job gets done.

*Gun and Bow Hunter approved*



ARCH TECHNOLOGY – A lower frame designed with a built in arched stabilizer support offers an additional 5’’ of clearance when climbing. This not only allows you to easily navigate over and around cut limbs, shag bark, and other obstacles it also gives more adjustment when starting out on those trees with a very heavy taper.


SURE LOCK PIN SYSTEM - EASY & EFFECTIVE the Sure Lock Pin System from XOP provides you the safest climbing experience by ensuring your band stays locked and secured at all times. Push up to adjust the band, and simply tighten the sure lock knob when you’ve found your desired belt placement. This pressure insures a continuous lock of the pin rack giving you the ultimate confidence when climbing.


BIG TOOTH TRACTION BAND -A performance inspired X-Large tooth design, steel reinforcement, and durable polyurethane mold ensures less belt sag for easy maneuverability around obstacles, and a tighter grip making the new Thick Traction Band from XOP second to none in any climbing scenario.


STABILIZER CLIMBING & TRANSPORT STRAPS – Not only do the Stabilizer straps allow the stand to become anchored solidly minimizing any chance your seat will slip while hunting they also provide a firm and secure way to compact your stand for a quick and easy transport.



Foot Platform: 30” x 19.5”

Fits Trees: 6.5” to 18” Diameter

Seat Platform: 17” x 25”

Seat Height: Adjustable

Capacity: 350lbs

Weight: 18lbs

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